For the past 3 generations,
Maison Carles, a family company, has been carrying on the tradition and secrets of an artisanal cheese in order to offer connoisseurs via a network of experienced professionals the excellence of Roquefort, which we find in renowned cheese shops and famous restaurants throughout the world. This includes using a completely manual cheese making process that combines traditional methods and upholds today’s most rigorous health standards.

Today, Master Craftsman Delphine Carles, its fame thanks to her strong traditional know-how. From fresh milk (Maison Carles owns a dairy in Rebourguil, a small village in southern Aveyron, not far from Roquefort-sur-Soulzon), to growing her own penicillium roqueforti on bread and ripening the cheese

on oak shelves in natural cellars,
she allows this Roquefort
to develop extraordinary flavours,
resulting in an exceptional